>> Link: About Crocodile Trophy 2016

General event information and pre-event media release.


>> Link: History of the Crocodile Trophy

How the name "Crocodile Trophy" was coined - as told by the founder and Director, Gerhard Schönbacher.



>> Link: Winners 1995-2013

Browse through the winners of recent years - it's like the cycling and mountain biking "Hall-of-Fame".



>> Link: Daily Race Reports and News

Articles include download options for high-res images
(click on image thumb in article to open in new window, right-click, "save file as")



>> Link: Download photo and vidao resources


>> TV Features

After the event we produce a 28 and a 56 minute film with all the highlights as a finished program with natural sound, graphics and OT, but without commentary.

The two Crocodile Trophy films from the 2015 event are now available including a script in English and in German. Additionally we are offering interviews with the riders in their native language one request.

For access to TV features, contact or